We are glad to announce great news.

The following events were also held to ensure smooth and stable work in the future: - deep code audit - identification of all weak points, potential exploits and network bugs - generation of SPORKs and key for them - re-raising the network SEED nodes for the functioning of the blockchain - the final sweep of the code from the traces of the donor - Working with live TESTNET at all stages of work - final debugging test after assembling the finished network - compilation of Windows / Linux / Mac wallets At the moment, we have created a blockchain, if not unique, then very rare in terms of its parameters: Hybrid POW/POS + Masternodes + Smart contracts is an extremely rare combination..


Gexan & XDNA foundation, a promising partnership!

We are happy to let you know that today Gexan concluded a partnership with XDNA foundation. XDNA foundation will help GEXAN in organizing and conducting presale stage, entering the exchange and improving our marketing strategy. The XDNA foundation’s Discord channel has more than 7k active users — that is one of the largest Discord communities on the market of Masternodes. We are sure that this cooperation will bring many benefits for the GEXAN’s development, and therefore for its investors. Please don’t expect us to tell you where to find the whitelist, but in a few days it will be closed.


Report and our impressions about The Blockchain Life 2018 EXHIBITION

On November 7–8th, Gexan team visited the exhibition called Blockchain life 2018, held in St. Petersburg, Russia. Blockchain life 2018 is the largest international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO and mining in Russia and Eastern Europe. Gexan team has established cooperation in the field of marketing with the rating agency ”ICOTOP” and the help service“Listing.Help”, which now allows us to get significant discounts on listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Blockchain life 2018 also helped us to start the private negotiations with members of such exchanges as: EXMO, Simex, BIGX, Finside, and many other. So currently the Gexan team is in the process of choosing the best exchange platform in terms of liquidity and investors protection. We also reached agreements with the “BERG Capital” and “The FUND” on the consideration of investments at the very early stage of GEXAN’s development.

Hey ho GEXAN Community! GEXAN TEAM are more than happy to share with you results of our 5 month hard work 🥋 We admit initial project cons > 🛠️ rebuilt new source code > ✍️ create a working Smart contracts and implement PoS 3.0 as pair to PoW > ⚖️ Set new economy model > Make a complete project Re-Branding > Gain new partnerships AND AFTER ALL OF THAT 🔥 GEXAN project will officially launch mainnet tomorrow - 26.04.2019 🔥 Key milestones and features, that you should point inside new GEXAN: 1️⃣ Initial Exchange Offering After marketing research, information gathering and crypto-trends analyzing we came to conclusion, that IEO is the only secure and efficient way to organize a proper crowdfunding for huge project like our We singed an agreement with top 25 world crypto-exchange for IEO on their launchpad and get listed on their exchange straight after ! Follow our announcements to gain more information 2️⃣ 💰 100 000 GEX Bounty campaign We made a partnership with :XDNA~1: XDNA Creation team to set up a new marketing strategy, design and promotion campaign. As a result we will launch a big bounty campaign in more then 8 different directions and 2 invitation campaign with summaries prize pool of 130 000 GEX ! 3️⃣ 🍾 Working lottery from launch - 5/36 game GEXAN is true first worldwide crypto project based on self blockchain and using for lotteries their own smart contract system. And it is not a "near future" - we will show you that we are working project right after start with our opening lottery type - "5/36" ! 4️⃣ 🔝 Big Exchange from start One of the major point for all crypto projects is to be listed on reliable and efficient exchange for good liquidity and grow potential. Many projects falls before that milestone! GEXAN will pass it from the beginning 5️⃣ 🎪 Advertisement campaign Our goal is to not let our new community get bored inside our project while he will awaits for 1st round of IEO and exchanges . To achieve that goal we prepare an activity campaign and trivia series for both messengers - :telegram: telegram and :Dis: discord ! Activity campaign - Simply talking inside our server and you can be rewarded with real coins! Trivia series - Participate in trivia games to admit something new about our planet and win decent prizes ! GEXAN | More than just a lotto